Cebu Pacific Php3 for All! Super Seat Fest – What I was able to Book

Were you guys able to book anything yesterday from Cebu Pacific’s Php3 for All Super Seat Fest?

A lot of you may not know about the 1st ever company I was able to build, GrowthScout SEO Services. This is a full-service digital marketing firm that offers online marketing services from web design, development, social media marketing, pay per click advertising and search engine optimization.

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Most of you know that I love to travel. I make sure I travel once a year internationally and once a year locally. And because of my love for travel, I wanted my loyal employees to experience this luxury as well. So I included in our milestone benefits that anyone who has served my company for 3 years and above, they are to receive 1 travel incentive per year not only for themselves but for their whole family.

Which is why Cebu Pacific Seat Sale is super important to me. I always make sure I am updated with their upcoming promos and stay awake as long as I am able to book anything.

Last night (I believe) was the first time Cebu Pacific implemented “Different Routes on Sale every 2 hours”. And in my opinion, it works! I didn’t have to stay up all night just to battle everyone when booking. I only participated during the times that my preferred destinations are on sale. I loved the new process!

So how many exactly was I able to book? FIVE!

2 Bookings [Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila]

Look at the base fare. Php18 divided by 3 passengers = Php6 per person Roundtrip.

The total cost for this booking is Php3,603.72 for 3 passengers. That’s Php1,201.24 per person. Comparing to our Puerto Princesa booking made on October 19, 2012, which was Php1,142.40 per person, this roundtrip rate is still good.

Good job Cebu Pacific! After 7 years, Php58.84 pesos lang ang itinaas!

1 Booking [Manila – Bangkok – Manila]

Fare Comparison to Bangkok from 2012 to 2019.

This is insane! On June 10, 2012, I was able to book Aaron and I a roundtrip flight to Bangkok for Php3,899.31 per person. 7 years after, Cebu Pacific airfare from Manila to Bangkok dropped down to just Php3,106.52!!!

I am really surprised to see this. I was expecting some sort of inflation rate but Nada!

2 Bookings [Manila – Singapore – Manila]

And we got 2 bookings to Singapore, 1 on December 2019 and 1 on February 2020.

I’m super thankful to Cebu Pacific’s Seat Sale because I, my employees and our families are able to travel, enjoy life, gain new and exciting experiences!

It’s not really impossible to travel. You just need to be aware of these things and take advantage of it. 🙂 Next time, I will try to blog about a seat sale before it happens.

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