How to Tell Real vs Fake: Chanel Boy Bag

Chanel luxury bags are one of the covetable in today’s fashion industry and a particular style that’s probably the most sought-after is the Chanel Boy bag. Named after Coco Chanel’s great love, Boy Capel, the bag has been a favorite because of its distinct boyish allure, larger chain straps, and the classic quilting.

However, its sheer popularity makes it more commonplace to see fake Chanel Boy bags circulating in the market. In fact, just a few days ago, I received this particular bag from a client of mine who asked me to authenticate it because she’s unsure whether it’s a legit Chanel or not. After Entrupy authentication, I then found out that it was indeed a replica.

As an owner of a Chanel Boy (in Small size) myself, I compared my authentic bag with my client’s counterfeit one to guide you on what to look for when buying this particular style. Read on to learn the 5 ways to spot a fake Chanel Boy bag from a fake.

5 Ways to Spot a Fake Chanel Boy Bag

1. Hardware

Upon initial inspection of my client’s Chanel Boy bag, I didn’t expect it was a fake as it looks eerily similar to my own original bag. I did notice some slight differences and one of these is the hardware.

That’s why it’s important to carefully inspect the color of the hardware. In the fake Chanel Boy, the hardware is much more golden in color compared to the authentic’s slightly faded gold chain straps. This situation also applies to most fake luxury bags, like the majority of Prada bags and the Gucci Marmont in particular.

So if you see a Chanel bag with a bright, vivid gold-colored hardware, it’s a telltale sign that it’s a counterfeit.

2. Shoulder Strap

Another thing you should look out for in a fake Chanel Boy is the shoulder leather strap. Although I’m not really sure if this is a foolproof way to differentiate a fake Chanel from the original, I’ve seen a lot of luxury bag vloggers include this particular detail.

Simply look at the shoulder strap’s two adjustable buttons. If they are located at the left of the strap, it’s a real Chanel Boy. However, if you found out that the buttons are on the right side, it’s most probably a replica. 

Disclaimer: I’m not certain if this detail applies to all fake Chanel bags but it’s definitely one thing you should consider.

3. Bottom of the Bag

This specific part of the Chanel Boy bag is the most obvious indicator that can tell if your bag is fake or not.

If you look closely underneath the Chanel flap, you can see the gold hardware protruding from the leather exterior just in between the clasp. On the other hand, the authentic Chanel Boy is excellently crafted without the gold hardware appearing at the bottom of the front flap.

4. Engraved Logo at the Side of the Bag

After carefully examining the bottom part of the bag, you should also look out for the side of the bag. Simply inspect the engraved Chanel logo on the hardware.

The fake Chanel Boy’s engraving used a thinner font while the authentic has thicker lettering. This particular detail is really more obvious if you compare the bags side-by-side.

5. Authenticity Card

In today’s market, it’s sad to see that most fake luxury bags also often come with their own respective authenticity cards in order to mimic the authentic designer handbags. This fact is also very scary because these so-called authenticity cards look exactly the same as the original’s and unless you have a genuine luxury bag with you, you won’t really tell the difference.

The same applies to the Chanel Boy bag. Upon closer inspection, I discovered a very small difference in the font size used in the authenticity card. The fake has slightly bigger lettering in comparison to the authentic. However, like I said, you can’t really tell the cards apart unless you compare them side-by-side.

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The Chanel Boy is one of the most sought-after bag styles today. Due to this, a lot of replicas have filled the market and some of these are even super high fakes which really look almost exactly the same as the original. Hopefully, with these 5 tips I shared, you can avoid buying fake Chanel bags.

Watch my YouTube video to learn more about the fake Chanel Boy bag.

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